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Taking Things Apart

As a fan of finding out how things work, I love seeing works of people disassembling everyday items in their art work. It’s fun to see how intricate daily electronics and toys are. I wish I had more time to go and explore some of the stuff that you can find sitting in someone’s attic or at a garage sale.  A while back I got to dissect a bit of a typewriter and it was way too fun taking apart all the keys and finding the small gears that made it tick (or clack, whichever).

Anyways, found an awesome book the other day called Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan… such a cool find! His book depicts frame-by-frame stills of some of our favorite daily essentials: a SLR camera to an expresso machine to an iPad. He even goes as far as to take apart a grand piano. From what I’ve seen, the photography is killer.


Go check it out! Pretty great looking at the images.. and it definitely looks worth reading.

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This year for my mother’s birthday/Mother’s Day, she requested that I paint her a large painting for the house. So after a few “change that color” and “why is that there” moments, the painting is almost done! Pretty happy with it, just have to put a few more things on it to make me completely content with it. Its oil and acrylic on a 4’x 3′ board. Sorry for the image quality! My nice camera hasn’t been working as of late.

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Sketchbook progress

I said I would put up some progress shots of the sketchbook, so here you go! Some of the complete pages of the sketchbook (which is getting shipped out in the morning). It went in a very different direction than what I was expecting, but I really love how it turned out! Can’t wait to get it on the road :)

For anyone curious about the Sketchbook Project, just click the link here and check it out! There’s a wonderful digital library that you can go flip through of others who have been doing sketchbooks too.

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So lately, I’ve been horrible at posting things that I’ve been working on. With the end of the semester and trying to finish all my work for classes, I had to refrain from really blogging much. But now that classes are done and I have time again, now I’ll actually be able to do things I’ve been wanting to work on.

This next week and a half will be focused on my Sketchbook Project project (which I totally started over on last week). I’ll post some of the pages as I make my way through it!  Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer :)

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Thank you portrait

Made a portrait for someone retiring from the Theatre Department at Mississippi State.  This is the little thank you our comedy troupe wanted to give to him for all of his wonderful help.  If you didn’t get to meet him, you definitely missed out. He did so much for the department and will be greatly missed! Rock on Dur.



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